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"Well hello there!" Lizzie replied seeing the new face. She was pretty sure she had never came across him before around Central. 

Teenage Lizzie Headcanons

Headcanon 1: What does their bedroom look like?

 (used for reference)

The walls of Lizzie’s room are a soft purplish-pink color which allows the rest of the pink in her room to stand out. The trimmings of it, the ceiling and the doors are white. She has a bookcase shoved in one corner that has a giant collection of different genres. On the wall hangs a small stand where the most valuable toys from her childhood that she kept: Pyro, Bandit, & Melody. In another corner lies a desk that she does most of her homework. On the wall near her beds hangs photos of her with friends and of her family members.

Headcanon 2:Makeup

Lizzie really isn’t really into makeup that much. In special occasions she will wear it, applying just a bit of blush, eyeliner, and eyeshadow the color of the outfit she was wear to bring it out. Sometimes she’ll apply a tiny amount of lipstick if her parents permit it with the outfit for the occasion. Otherwise, she’s fine with just her normal wear of lip gloss.

Headcanon 3: Intellectual Pursuits

Lizzie wants nothing more than help people later on her life. She dreams of either being a nurse or a doctor and possibly be one for the military to help give back to her country but she’s still unsure of that. She really wants to learn more on alkahestry than anything but the lack of books in Central make the task difficult but it hasn’t stopped her.

Headcanon 4: How do they see themselves in 5 years?

Lizzie hopes by that time to be a master at alkahestry by then and possibly being an apprentice to either Dr. Knox or Dr. Marcoh as they are  her idols. If anything she dreams by then she’ll be preparing herself for travels to different far off places.

Headcanon 5: What recharges them when they’re feeling drained?

If she’s feeling emotionally drained, Lizzie would probably cry it out and sit herself in her room with one of her childhood toys. They would help calm her down as they would bring back many good memories. If she feels mentally drained, she’d go for a walk around town to help clear her mind and talk with any towns person she came across. If she feels physically drained, she’d just take a nap.

Headcanon 6: Self Defense

Lizzie has taken some self defense classes, but mainly she learned most of her tactics from Roy. She felt that the guards of the family wouldn’t be able to protect her forever so she had to learned something. Also because her mother would never let her lay a hand on a gun.

Headcanon 7: Names

At this age, Lizzie doesn’t just let anyone call her by her nickname anymore. She prefers it being those she’s known since she was little, but that doesn’t mean she won’t allow new friends to call her that. You just have to gain her friendship well enough before calling her that. You’ll know when she starts correcting you from calling her Elizabeth.

Headcanon 8: Lizzie asks about the birds and the bees (again) 

Lizzie had two questions actually. She first wanted to know how sexual intercourse felt like from a man and woman’s perspective. Riza gave her viewpoint, but Roy was a bit..flustered. The second she asked if it would be okay if she kept protection for herself..just in case…Roy’s reaction caused him to choke on hot tea and fall off the couch. Her told her such precautions weren’t necessary if she waited until she was married which has caused Lizzie to make that choice.

Headcanon 9: Dem Mustang/Hawkeye Genes….. 

As a child, mostly Roy’s genes controlled how Lizzie acted based on her happy go lucky and mischievous nature, however, now that she’s reached the age of a teenager, her hormones are starting to go haywire like most. This is causing her to behave like her father and mother at times completely. Eventually, she’ll be more like Riza, but there will always be the stubbornness of Roy within her.

Headcanon 10: Alkahestry 

Around the age of 12, Lizzie came across some of the alchemy books that belonged to her grandfather her mother didn’t want to throw away. Now whenever her parents aren’t at home, she does her best to read at least one while they are away just to help her curiosity. However, this caused her to come across alkahestry. She heard a little bit about it from James, but she hasn’t come across many books on it in Central. She is determined to find even more information on it as she can so she can at least learn how it works and possible put it to use.